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Reb Arie’s Midrash is an interpretation and commentary on Reb Zalman’s conception of halacha, especially his inyan of “halacha in the red”.

Reb Arie’s Midrash is organised to establish halacha as a legitimate study for liberal Jews. It is a primary resource for TGS learners in chaplaincy, levitical arts, spiritual direction, GreenKosher, and celebrancy.


I have received two brachot from two rebbes – the Vizhnitzer, GRHS, gave me my bracha for marriage, and Zalman Schachter-Shalomi, Zitsal gave me a bracha on the 12 Steps. Reb Zalman’s bracha was, I think, the more potent; I cannot doubt the Vishnizter’s bracha brought me my wife of 30 years, and his bracha was first, but I’ve been sober 31 years, for Reb Zalman saw something in me I never saw in myself.

I don’t know whether it’s correct to assert that Reb Zalman thought Jewish Renewal was not concerned enough with halacha. I’m going to assert it anyway, though, because that’s the kind of guy I am. Reb Arie’s Midrash is an extension of that: rebbes are not obligated to be correct. Our only obligation is to be informed.

Only you can decide how informed I am.

I’m not everyone’s cup of tea. I’m also a liar. I use Hebrew a lot, I use it unconventionally because I can, and keep this foremost in your mind: I blithely betray one language (Hebrew) to lie in another (English). Use Artscroll (chas ve’shalom!) if you want a translation; from me you get an interpretation.

Brachot v’or,

Reb Arie
2015 November 10
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

בּרכוֹת ואוֹר
ר‘ אריה בּן ר‘ שמעוֹן
יום שלישי, כ”ח במרחשוון, תשע”ו
אוֹטאווא, אוֹנטריאוֹ, קנאדא