Jim Burwell - Omniversal Human Library Page Art 900x300

Mission Purpose Our Name Our Vision
To make distinct the difference between “encounter” and “confront” 
The human library program at Taylor Green Seminary, Burwell Library collects lived experiences. The Burwell Library empowers omniversality, the quality which combines diversity with inclusion.
Jim Burwell, an early member of Alcoholics Anonymous, left a gift to the other early members: his refusal to accept the notion of “god”, and from his militant agnosticism derives the “Higher Power” concept so closely identified with recovery programs based on the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous. 
Jim Burwell’s perspectives were not considered reasonable by other early members of Alcoholics Anonymous. Burwell Library, the Omniversal Human Library, accepts Bernard Shaw’s premise that all progress relies on the unreasonable person. The lived experiences Burwell collects are conversations with people whose experience, strength, and hope fascinate, inspire, and ennoble.